I get it. Times are uncertain right now. Professional learning may not be at the forefront of your mind, and the thought of sitting through a six hour PD seems like the last thing that you would want to be a part of. Yet, now is the perfect time to engage in creative learning and to rediscover the joys of being a teacher. GIFTED360 is probably not like any other professional learning that you have experienced. Rather than presenting you with pre-recorded lectures, an endless supply of poorly designed PowerPoint slides, or tons of articles to read, this experience offers you a series of short video segments designed with your attention span in mind and a collection of student focused activities to promote curiosity and creativity.

Have you noticed your students' attention waning? Have you ever wondered how to meaningfully and creatively engage your students in the learning process? In this self-paced professional learning experience, we will explore a collection of ready to use activities for you to incorporate into your learning environment. These lessons are designed to help transform you and your students from being passive consumers of information to being creative producers of new content.

Learning has the potential to supercharge students’ innate curiosity and propel them toward a lifetime of inquiry and investigation, but how do we effectively tap into students’ interests and purposefully construct experiences that promote creative productive gifted behaviors? In this self-paced professional learning experience, we will explore ways to leverage available technology and resources to build meaningful and memorable learning experiences based on students' interests.


"This was a fascinating way to attend a professional development experience. I think I would have been overwhelmed if all this had been presented in one day. Having the opportunity to work at my leisure, on my time, allowed me to absorb more of the information and to pause when I needed to stop and think. The short videos followed by the activities made it easy to do."

"I loved the platform. It was cool seeing the parts of the instruction on the left to see where you are going and where you have been. Also great to be able to go back and re-watch videos, re-read comments, etc. I really appreciated having the chance to get truly inspired again. I feel as if I lost my way over the last two years, and this experience reminded me about what I love about teaching the gifted child. Thank you!"

"It was the best workshop I have ever attended! I appreciate that you modeled so many lessons we could do with our students. I honestly can't wait to try this with my students next year."

"I love how comprehensive this course was and how you seem to come up with the best resources! I also appreciated the price. Some online courses were MUCH more expensive. Our whole gifted cohort was able to participate."

"The videos were projected on our TV and my 12 year old very curious, gifted son was equally engaged in all of the videos and learning experiences :-) "

"This was such an incredible experience and I'm so sad that it's over. I will definitely be revisiting the information many more times."


When I created GIFTED 360, I wanted it to be something that was affordable for teachers and delivered a ton of high-quality and useful content. Since I am not supporting the infrastructure of an organization nor am I having to rent a physical presentation space, I can greatly reduce the price.

In looking at other options for professional learning, some organizations charge $40 for a 1 hour webinar. Others charge at least $20 for a 1 hour online workshop. To attend a one-day conference or workshop is often over $100, and a multi-day conference is going to cost you at least $200. Add in travel expenses, having to make sub-plans or even paying for a sub, and it can be overwhelming. Worse yet, you have the experience of going through all of that and you are excited when you get ONE useful idea.

GIFTED 360 is NOT that.

GIFTED 360 is a professional learning experience that delivers at least 6 hours worth of practical and engaging content and activities for you to use in your learning environment. At the end of the course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion and a digital badge to signify your accomplishments.


$59 per person

Lifetime Access to all course content and materials


I also wanted to create a pricing structure for schools, districts, or organizations. If you have group that you would like to go through this experience together, then this is a great option.



$3,000 for up to 60 individuals = $50 per person

Lifetime Access to all course content and materials

​Private course for your group

1 hour of live interaction with the group


$4,000 for up to 100 individuals = $40 per person

Lifetime Access to all course content and materials

​Private course for your group

1 hour of live interaction with the group

Do you have a group larger than 100?

Looking for a in-person professional learning?

Maybe a combination of in-person and online?

Contact me and let's talk about a customized plan.